What Was Supposed To Be A Light-Hearted, Weekend Hike Turned Out To Be One Of The Life-Changing Events.

“Would you join us for a trek next week? It’s organized by TCS Maitree” — came a subtle voice while I was busy analyzing what went wrong with a mission-critical web application.

I turned to see Gaurav, my colleague, with his typical North Indian smile. “I’ll check the mail”, I said and turned to fix that application that had already resulted in 15 calls from customers asking for turnaround time.

Another 20 minutes and the application was up and running! When customers and clients are happy, we have some time to kill. I turned to find Gaurav on his desk…

Education Loans Are Necessary Evils. It Helps You Get That Dream Education But Treat It Wrong, And It’ll ruin Your Financial Future.

I have always wanted to study abroad. While working on my professional goals back in 2015, I figured that an MBA would be the perfect next step to springboard my career. I saw this as an opportunity to experience a new culture.

After settling on The United States of America as my study destination, and after securing admission to one of the Top 40 b-schools in the country, I was exploring ways to finance my education. The worst part about super-high exchange rates between the US and India is that a lump sum money in my home country was peanuts…

It’s Facebook’s Rotational Product Management Application Time! While Many Start Applying, It’s Important To Simultaneously Focus On Preparations.

What is Facebook’s Product Sense interview?

Facebook product managers own and manage global-scale products. They are navigating constant ambiguity when it comes to problem-solving. They think about their product 24x7 to identify the most pressing problems for its users, the most impactful solutions, and how the product ties back to Facebook’s strategy.

It’s not possible to assess every aspect of that process during an interview.

So, the product sense interview serves as a proxy. Essentially, this interview is all about how you think about user problems at scale, and turn that into a concrete product(s).

Any and every question that might require you to think about…

Noticed The AutoComplete Feature On Google Search Or The Chrome Address Bar? Ever Wondered How It Was Built And How It Knows What You Want To Look For?

What Is AutoComplete?

Autocomplete is the feature by which a system (typically a search engine) understands what you intend to write. AutoComplete is extremely prevalent now with applications in Google Search, Bing, Amazon among others, and this is an extremely helpful feature — being able to predict at scale what users want to write, and personalizing that based on context.

It’s not a stretch that you might get asked how an AutoComplete works if you’re aspiring to be a product manager with FAANG. Today, let’s walk through how an AutoComplete system can be designed.

The Goals And An User-First Approach

Before diving deeper, it's important to explore why AutoComplete…

A Technical Round Is Obvious In Product Management Interviews. The Success Lies In Understanding The Basics And Putting The Users First.

How Digital Fraud Varied Across Industries Affected By The Pandemic

The world is in the middle of a crisis for at least 3 months now. Several businesses collapsed, unemployment rates are at an all-time high and nobody knows when this situation is going to be better.

But the pandemic has proven to be a silver lining for a few businesses. We all have already heard about how Zoom shot to fame among consumers. Netflix added 15 million subscribers in a quarter, more than double the 7.2 million that was projected.

With such success comes risk. Such exorbitant success is a ripe ground for fraudsters to game the systems. We, at…

Running A Restaurant In The Age Of Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, (And Now Coronavirus) Needs A Better Strategy

Restaurants have been one of the most frequented places until even a couple of years ago. Celebrating the first job, an engagement, a big bonus, marriage anniversary — all of these had one thing in common, a restaurant.

Recently, with the surge of food delivery applications, restaurants have been observing an ever decreasing traffic. Joe Hargrave, co-owner of Tacolicious, mentioned that the number of lunch customers has decreased by 35 percent although revenue rose by 8 percent. …

We know Google and Facebook collect data on our online presence through cookies, sign-in buttons, and social share buttons. Did you know your mobile calls and messages can tell the same story and protect your identity too?

We are aware of how Google and Facebook can paint a picture of our online presence — our interests, our web activity timeline, our spending habits, etc. Advertisers cherish that data for its ability to help with customer acquisition, increasing the lifetime value of a user, and improving the user retention rate.

But in this internet era, when fraud and scam are so rampant, this data also helps to identify someone, understand their online behavior, and restrict them from committing fraud. Below is an image showing the information Google knows about Mr. …

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

You have a great idea. But you need to validate the product market fit before you move forward with investing in building the first iteration of the product. This post explains one of the many ways you can do that.

Product market fit isn’t a new concept. Yet, it’s one of the hardest things to achieve. You come up with a great concept, maybe something that either doesn’t exist or is a 10x iteration on an existing product. …

According to TrustingSocial, 4.5 Billion consumers worldwide are credit invisible because of their inability to have access to the banking systems. The new generation fintech companies are trying to close that gap, and telco data is proving more valuable than ever in this quest.

I googled “credit score” and it threw 770 million results towards me. The internet is full of content ranging from experiences when someone with sub-prime credit had to pay exorbitant interest rates on a mortgage to guides on how to improve credit score. But what makes a credit score so important to lenders?

What’s A Credit Score?

A credit score lets the lenders have a peek at our financial behavior. From answering “how responsible are we with money” to help predict our chances at defaulting, a credit report provides valuable information the reporting agencies have gathered over the years from banks and credit unions…

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